Computer : : Database Management System Questions & Answers

  1. The overall design of a database is called?

A. Scheme of the database

B. The screen of database

C. Structure of the database

D. View of the database

  1. The overall logical structure of data base can be expressed graphically by?

A. Flow chart

B. Entity relationship diagram

C. Directed Graph

D. Data flow chart

  1. The concept of data independence is similar to the concept of?

A. Isolation

B. Consolidation

C. Data Type

D. Abstract data type

  1. The code that relational database management systems use to perform their database task is referred to as




D. Sequel Server

  1. A transparent DBMS?

A. Keeps its physical structure hidden from users

B. Keep its logical structure hidden from users

C. Can not hide sensitive information from users

D. None of these