General Knowledge : : Biology Questions & Answers

  1. AIDS virus contain

A. Double stranded DNA

B. Single stranded RNA

C. Single stranded DNA

D. Double stranded RNA

  1. The diseases AIDS spread

A. By insects

B. By sexual contact

C. By breathing

D. None of these

  1. Viruses are made up of

A. Nucleic Acid and protein

B. Lipids and Carbohydrate

C. Carbohydrate and Nucleic acid

D. Proteins and Lipids

  1. The diseases Athelet foot is caused by

A. Nematode

B. Fungi

C. Bacteria

D. Protozoa

  1. Clove is a

A. Fruit

B. Dry Flower bud

C. Vegetative bud

D. Seed