General Knowledge : : Biology Questions & Answers

  1. The term used when a cell has only one set of chromosomes is

A. Diploid

B. Haploid

C. Polyploid

D. Tetraploid

  1. Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein molecule named

A. keratin

B. myoglobin

C. collagen

D. haemoglobin

  1. Down syndrome is caused by having three copies of the genes on

A. Chromosome 12

B. Chromosome 21

C. Chromosome 22

D. Chromosome 8

  1. Inner membrane involutions of a mitochondria are called

A. Cristae mitochondriales

B. Lamellae

C. Thylakoid

D. Tubules

  1. Most of the lichens consist of

A. brown algae and higher plant

B. green algae and ascomycetes

C. red algae and ascomycetes

D. blue green algae and basidiomycetes