General Knowledge : : Biology Questions & Answers

  1. Phytron is a facility to

A. Induced mutations

B. Grow plants under controlled condition

C. Grow plants under disease free condition

D. Conserve endangered species of plant

  1. Most of the desert plants bloom during night because

A. Their blooming is controlled by low temperature

B. They are sensitive to the phase of moon

C. The desert insects eat away flower during daytime

D. The desert insects are active during night time

  1. The ratio of forest area needed for ecological balance in India

A. 11.10 %

B. 22.20 %

C. 33.30 %

D. 44.40 %

  1. Which of the following is most stable ecosystem?

A. Desert

B. Grassland

C. Sea

D. Forest

  1. Hydrophonics is related to

A. Relation of sound with water

B. Growth of plant without soil

C. Growth of plant without water

D. Conservation of water