General Knowledge : : Inventions Questions & Answers

  1. Who discovered the electron?

A. Newton

B. Roentgen

C. J. J. Thompson

D. Thomas Edison

  1. Who invented the air conditioner?

A. Willis Carrier

B. Wilson Greatbatch

C. Wilhelm Roentgen

D. Thomas Edison

  1. Who invented the logarithm?

A. John Napier

B. Roald Amundsen

C. Dmitri Mendeleev

D. William Shockley

  1. Who developed the theory of Evolution?

A. Charles Darwin

B. Albert Einstein

C. Newton

D. Gregor Mendel

  1. Who discovered neutrons?

A. Marie Curie

B. Dmitri Mendeleev

C. Ernest Rutherford

D. James Chadwick