General Knowledge : : Physics Questions & Answers

  1. The speed of light in air is:

A. 3 x 108 m/sec

B. 3 x 10-8 m/sec

C. 8 x 108 m/sec

D. Infinity

  1. The side mirrors of vehicles are of which type of mirrors?

A. Concave

B. Plane

C. Inverted

D. Convex

  1. Meter in a vehicle that calculates distance covered by the vehicle is called?

A. Thermometer

B. TDS meter

C. Speedometer

D. Odometer

  1. The S.I unit of temperature is:

A. Degree Celsius

B. Kelvin

C. Degree Fahrenheit

D. Degree Centigrade

  1. The S.I unit of Modulus of elasticity is:

A. N/M3

B. N/M2

C. J/M2

D. N/M-1